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My name is Mark Lawson, sometimes known online as 'Monsoon'. I live in Winchester, Virginia, USA, and this is a collection of my creative works. 

I've been a creative all of my life in one form or another and I am experienced in most traditional media. As a recently retired early childhood educator, I am now free to pursue art with the same philosophy and spirit of play that I have lived by and have taught for so many years. So, much like my little friends, I have no idea what I'm doing, where I'm going, or what's going to happen. But, for sure, it's all out fun and adventure from here!!

The images and other items on this site are my explorations in the expressions available with the digital medium.  My only goals besides having fun, are to make something that looks awesome on a conference room wall or over the sofa, bed or bar and to constantly improve my skills.

I'm currently exploring different styles of brushwork, exercising the fundamentals, and trying to master all of my tools. What I enjoy most at the present moment though, is the childhood painting technique of smearing and scribbling ....what fun! ..and without all the mess!! 


So welcome again, make yourself at home and please enjoy the works..or rather, the play. Thank you so much for stopping by.




Any reference images used in my work, if not my own photos, renders and those of customers and clients, come from the copyright and accreditation free stock sites of Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Morguefile and the public domain. A special thank you to all the photographers who donate to those sites and freely allow their use.

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